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2013 Updates
Bridgestone Battlax V02 Slick Tire Test - Part 1 by Dave Moss
Bridgestone Battlax V02 Slick Tire Test - Part 2 by Dave Moss
Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slick 120/600 Front V02
Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slick 200/655 Rear V02
Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slick 125/600 Front
Bridgestone Battlax S20 120/70R17 Front
Bridgestone Battlax S20 190/55ZR17 Rear
Bridgestone BT-003 DOT Race Tires - 120 Front, 180 PRO Rear
Bridgestone BT-003 DOT Race Tires - 120 Front, 190 Rear
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Viets Performance - Sportbike Upgrade is the Bridgestone race tire distributor supporting AFM Racing in Northern California and OMRRA/WMRRA in Oregon and Washington with our partner, CMC Performance. Together we offer the full line of Bridgestone Battlax Racing slicks, Battlax R10 DOT Race, Supermoto and rain tires to racers and track day riders throughout the West Coast and nationwide. Located near San Francisco, California, we've been in business since 2003 and grown steadily thanks to customers who appreciate our focus on providing quality products, relevant information and resources with professional service and competitive pricing.
Reach us by phone: 866-766-5150 - (please leave a message if we can't answer live) or Email:
Bridgestone race tires ship FREE via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery. Express delivery options are available at an additional cost. Most sizes and compounds are in stock and ship the same or the following day your order is placed.
Bridgestone_R10.jpg Bridgestone Battlax Racing R10 DOT Race Tires
Bridgestone's Battlax R10 DOT Race tires utilize a 'tuned compound' and 3D trapezoidal tread siping developed by leveraging lessons learned in MotoGP.
Bridgestone_Battlax_Slicks.jpg Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slicks and Racing Rains
NEW 200/655 V02 Slick trickling in! The Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slicks provide phenomenal drive grip, edge grip and wear life at a great price point. The Soft (YCX) compound is a Medium in the Bridgestone range and these work very well at the majority of racetracks. We have both the 125 front slick with 'V'-shaped profile and stiffer carcass and the 120 front slick with a more rounded profile and softer carcass. The Medium (YCY) slick is more of an endurance tire designed for use in very high temperatures.
If you haven't ridden on a Bridgestone slick, give them a try. Prices include FREE FedEX Ground shipping!
Bridgestone_Supermoto_Pattern_Rear.jpg Bridgestone Supermoto Slicks and Pattern Moto
Bridgestone Supermoto tires are available in Slicks as well as Pattern Moto configurations in several compounds. Genuine Bridgestone racing tubes available!
Bridgestone R10 DOT Race Tires - 120/190

Bridgestone R10 DOT Race Tires - 120/190 - Medium Type 3 compound 120/70ZR17 front, Medium or Hard compound 190/55 rear tires. We’ve found pressures in the range of 30F/28R Cold, 32F/30R off tire warmers and 34F/31-33R HOT off the track works well for most riders and provides great grip with good wear life. Regularly $480 - SHIPS FREE!

Special Price: $399.00
Bridgestone BT39SS
Bridgestone BT39SS - Universal, race-only fitment for front and rear vintage bikes. 2.50x18" cross-belt, bias belted tire. Not for street use. Regularly $105
Price: $95.00
Bridgestone MCSCE033 2.50-18 Racing Tube
Bridgestone MCSCE033 2.50-18 Tube (for BT39SS) - Regularly $40
Price: $32.00
Bridgestone Supermoto 165/625R17 Med Pattern Moto Rear
Bridgestone Supermoto 165/625R17 Medium Pattern Moto - Regularly $287
Special Price: $198.00
Bridgestone 150/160/70R17 Supermoto Rear Tube
Bridgestone MCSC6721 150/160/70R17 Rear Tube Supermoto - Regularly $40
Price: $32.00
Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slick 120/600 Front V02
Bridgestone Battlax Racing Slick 120/600 Front V02 - Updated V02 slick features new compound and construction with slightly softer carcass and larger contact patch. GP Belt construction derived from MotoGP spec tyre program improves contact patch and increases grip. Choice of Soft or Medium compound. Regularly $248
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